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SINTEF states in its development plan that the SINTEF group shall be a leading player in Research & Development based innovation and commercialization, which includes all business areas.

In order to accomplish this, SINTEF has developed a process spanning from creating ideas, developing them into business opportunities, and to the realization of them.

Sinvent AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of SINTEF, with corporate responsibilities of operating the SINTEF Innovation Concept, in joint effort with top management of SINTEF’s business areas. In this reference Sinvent is also responsible for administering SINTEF’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and is hence IPR-owner on behalf of SINTEF.

As tools in the process of establishing new companies Sinvent also manages the venture investment portfolio of SINTEF: SINTEF Venture.

Sinvent has experienced an annual idea flow of approximately 30 new ideas. Approximately half of them are taken into a commercialization mode. Sinvent cooperates actively with other commercialization units in Norway and abroad. Our most important partner is the Technology Transfer Office of NTNU, as well as several national and foreign investment funds.

The CEO of Sinvent is Anders Lian. In this interview, Mr. Lian presents how Sinvent operates. In total, there are 5 employees in Sinvent AS.

Published May 6, 2013

Sinvent AS

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