Previouse events

EO2014: Norwegian Electro-optics meeting 2014

Location Strand Hotel Fevik
Address Strand Hotell, Nedre Hausland 80, 4870 Fevik
Start 12:00 23.04.2014
End 12:00 25.04.2014

Registration is accepted subject to available rooms.

Nano World Cancer Day 2014

Location Kreftforeningen Oslo
Address Tullins gate 2, 0166 Oslo
Start 08:15 31.01.2014
End 10:30 31.01.2014

SINTEF is a coorganizer to a press breakfast regarding Nano World Cancer Day 2014

EERA Deepwind'2014

Location Trondheim
Address Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim
Start 09:00 22.01.2014
End 13:00 24.01.2014

EERA DeepWind'2014 is the 11th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference to be held in Trondheim, Norway.

Workshop on Mass Customization with Joseph Pine, 28.-29. november 2013

Location Røros
Address Røros Hotell/Storstuggu
Start 15:00 28.11.2013
End 13:00 29.11.2013

Kun ti måneder etter at Joseph Pine tok turen til hovedsetet for masseprodusert skreddersøm, Røros, er han tilbake igjen. Denne gangen åpner vi dørene for alle interesserte og arrangerer en workshop for...

SINOS - Seminar on R&D, Innovation and Industrialization

Location Sheraton Rio Hotel & Resort, Rio de Janeiro...
Address -22.992274,-43.233476
Start 08:00 25.11.2013
End 17:00 27.11.2013

The "SINOS" conference is being arranged by an alliance of Norwegian research and higher education institutions: Norwegian University of Sience and Technology (NTNU), University of Oslo (UiO), Institute for...

Hydrogen and fuel cell science and engineering

Location Rome
Address Rome
Start 09:00 16.10.2013
End 16:00 17.10.2013

This European annual research progress review meeting aims to complement the annual Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) Programme Review. The event brings together leading scientists from...

3rd educational course on oil and gas fire: Frontline knowledge on experience and calculation tools

Location Rica Nidelven Hotel, Trondheim
Address Havnegata 1-3, Trondheim
Start 09:00 24.09.2013
End 16:00 26.09.2013

This year's main theme is "Hotter than fire", and will focus on how different fires can generate very different heat loads, and the consequences for structural responses in real fires and in jet fire...

Future Prospects in Aquaculture Technology

Location Hall H, Trondheim Spektrum (Nidarøhallen)
Address Klostergata 90, 7030 Trondheim
Start 13:00 15.08.2013
End 16:00 15.08.2013

Through the seminar "Future Prospects in Aquaculture Technology" industrial leaders in the Norwegian aquaculture industry will focus upon what they see as possibilities and limitations for future growth. The...

5th Symposium on Resilience Engineering

Location Conference hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten
Address Amersfoortsestraat 20, Soesterberg...
Start 08:30 25.06.2013
End 15:00 27.06.2013

The Resilience Engineering Association and SINTEF are proud to announce the 5th symposium ‘Resilience Engineering: Managing trade-offs’. The REA organizes this symposium in 2013 in the Netherlands in...

Wood Build Norway 2013 / Norsk Tredag 2013

Location Arkitektenes hus, Oslo
Address Josefines gate 34, 0351 Oslo
Start 08:00 12.06.2013
End 18:00 12.06.2013

Wood Build Norway 2013 focuses on high-rise wooden buildings. The workroom of Wood Build Norway 2013 is defined at the intersection between architecture, political priorities and environmental benefits, as well...

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