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EO2014: Norwegian Electro-optics meeting 2014

Location Strand Hotel Fevik
Address Strand Hotell, Nedre Hausland 80, 4870 Fevik
Start 12:00 23.04.2014
End 12:00 25.04.2014

Registration is accepted subject to available rooms.

Technoport 2014

Location Trondheim
Address Trondheim
Start 09:00 28.04.2014
End 16:00 30.04.2014

Technoport 2014 – Registration is now open
At the three-day event from 28th to 30th of April in Trondheim technology and innovation will be discussed, celebrated, and implemented.  We are gathering...

YEAR Annual Conference 2014

Location AIT (Austria)
Address AIT, Donau-City-Strasse 1, 1220 Wien, Austria
Start 10:30 12.05.2014
End 16:30 13.05.2014

YEAR organises its next annual conference at AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna, Austria on 12-13 May 2014. Focused on the needs of young researchers, this event will provide young researchers...

CYCLE - Reduction and Utilization of Food Loss and Waste

Location Rica Hell Hotell
Address Sandfærhus 22, 7517 Hell, Norge
Start 09:00 26.05.2014
End 17:00 26.05.2014

The seminar is arranged by the CYCLE administration team and the Norwegian Industrial Biotechnology Network. The goal is to make the seminar a place to be to discuss issues related to reduction and utilization...

IEA Combustion 36th Task Leaders Meeting on Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction in Combustion

Location RICA Viktoria Hotel Stavanger
Address Skansegaten 1, Stavanger
Start 09:00 09.06.2014
End 14:30 13.06.2014

Renewable Energy Research Conference 2014

Location Oslo
Address Blindern
Start 09:00 16.06.2014
End 13:30 18.06.2014

The Centre for Renewable Energy (SFFE) is proud to announce  that the 3rd Renewable Energy Research Conference  will be held in Oslo, Norway, June 16-18 2014 at the University of Oslo main campus...

CFD 2014

Location Rica Nidelven Hotel
Address Havnegata 1-3, 7010 Trondheim
Start 09:00 17.06.2014
End 14:00 19.06.2014

Welcome to the 10th International Conference on COMPUTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS in the Oil & Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries

10th International symposium on ecohydraulics

Location Trondheim
Address Høgskoleringen 5
Start 09:00 23.06.2014
End 16:00 27.06.2014

Welcome to Norway 23-27 June 2014

MTEC 2014 (International Maritime and Port Technology and Development Conference)

Location Marine Technology Centre
Address Trondheim, Norway
Start 09:00 27.10.2014
End 15:00 29.10.2014

The MTEC 2014 (International Maritime and Port Technology and Development Conference) will be held in Trondheim, Norway, on 27 - 29 October 2014. The conference is organized by MARINTEK and NTNU in Norway and...

4th educational course on oil- and gas fire: Frontline knowledge on experience and calculation tools

Location Scandic Lerkendal
Address Klæbuveien 127, 7031 Trondheim
Start 09:00 04.11.2014
End 16:00 06.11.2014

Open and enclosed fires; challenges in layout and design.

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