More electricity from the sun

03.09.2014Ultra-efficient solar cells, based on cheap materials, could be here in a few years.

With financial support from the Research Council of Norway, SINTEF and the University of Oslo are developing technology that can make tomorrow’s solar cells twice as efficient as today’s. Photo...

September 1st : The 75-year anniversary of the Towing Tank

01.09.2014The Towing Tank at Tyholt was officially opened on September the 1st, 1939.

Watch the film about the history of the Towing Tank.

Reducing the salt in our food

29.10.2014Researchers have been looking into how we can reduce the salt content in foods without compromising on taste.

The "Low salt products" project aim to reduce as much as fifty per cent of the salt content in a number of foodstuffs.

Greener ship propellers

27.10.2014A Norwegian invention is reducing by a third the energy that foundries need to manufacture ship propeller blades.

New technology almost halves the amount of metal that has to be melted in order to cast a propeller blade. This was tested for the first time on an industrial scale at Oshaug Metall in Molde. Photo...