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Published April 9, 2013

SINTEF Petroleum Research operate several well-equipped and specialised laboratories. Our laboratories provide an important foundation for much of our research and development activity.

The Fluid Chemistry Laboratory is located in Bergen as an integrated part of the Department of Drilling and Well. The main focus is on rheology, in particular visco-elastic properties of various fluids (drilling fluids, crude oil, cement, emulsions, polymer solutions, etc) and gas saturation at HPHT conditions.

The Formation Physics Laboratory is another of the institute’s important facilities. It performs a wide range of rock mechanics tests and makes an active contribution to the development of methodology in this field.

The Multiphase Flow Laboratory, which is currently being extended to enable it to carry out tests under constant temperature conditions throughout the year.

The Organic Geochemistry Laboratory puts most of its efforts into pyrolysis techniques and the kinetics of oil and gas formation. Our laboratories are also active in the area “scale”, where they carry out research on blockages of production equipment caused by the deposition of chemical compounds.

The Reservoir Technology Laboratory develops methods and equipment for tests performed at high temperatures and pressures.